Web Design

web-designAll individuals and businesses that wish to create an online presence have a diverse set of requirements for their website and because of this we offer a range of packages. Starting from very small basic single page websites for simply creating some web presence to fully fledged multi-functional websites or blogs.

Whether you want a small website to bring awareness to your business and products in the 21st century, or even if your requirements are more technical and in depth, we can create a solution tailored to your needs. The world wide web has developed in leaps and bounds over the last decade and looks to be entering a new generation in the past decade due to social media developments, open source software and advances in data connection speeds resulting in what will be dubbed web 3.0.

Web Design

The hot topic of the times is the big shift towards using CMS’s (Content Management Systems) instead of just static html websites. There are many reasons for this but none as comprehensive as the understanding that companies and individuals purchasing a website want to be able to publish and change content as and when suits their needs. It is also beneficial as it is far more economical to not have to outsource small updates to web development companies.

We specialise in WordPress based websites as our main Content Management System and to prove it, this website is also created on the WordPress platform. We like to use the Thesis framework to give our websites the most SEO friendly build possible without sacrificing any of the user friendly features we hold with such high regard. In summary “We design with flair and develop with diligence.

Blog Design

We also offer blog services including training to allow you to get up to speed publishing for yourself and standing on your own two feet. We believe the faster this can be done the better as the learning curve will quickly saturate.

All websites are quotes on a project basis and your detailed requirements are essential before giving an accurate cost breakdown. Our price range varies between £240 ($350) and £1200 ($1600) as a rough guide.

Our Examples

Our website and blog portfolio cover a broad range of market sectors. From nightclub, events and entertainment industry all the way to real estate and small to medium businesses. We also work on blogs covering just about any topic there is to blog about. Below we have broken our portfolio up into different areas of interest to help you find relevant examples more efficiently.



Grievous Bodily Charm

aka GBC magazine is an online lifestyle blog covering topics such as arts, fashion, culture, humour, music, lifestyle and technology to check it out click GBC Magazine – Arts & Music.

The Rainbow Venues

Rainbow Venues

The Rainbow is a notoriously cool pub in Digbeth, Birmingham which runs a number of eclectic music venues in the city. To find out more and to see the site click Rainbow Venues..

Vigilance Committee

Vigilance Committee

Vigilance Committee are a band made up of a vibrant collage of musical styles. If you would like to view the website, click Vigilance Committee.




Tim Grice aka SEOWizz is an SEO expert based in Leeds, England. At Branded3 he runs his own personal website with lots of useful search engine resources. Check it out at Search Engine Optimisation.

Security News Desk

Security News Desk

Security News Desk is the latest digital publication venture from Security Media Publishing Ltd which forms a portal of security news. To take a look click Security News Desk..

Security News Desk

UHT ltd

UHT are heat transfer and exchanger specialists situated in the the Midlands United Kingdom. To see the design click Universal Heat Transfer.


The Wake Up Cloud

The Wake Up Cloud

The Wake Up Cloud is a personal development and self improvement blog dedicated to pretty much anyone who is looking for advice. To check it out go to Wake Up Cloud.

Edson Buchanan

The eBay Guy

Edson Buchanan aka the ebay guy wanted a blog and character design to go with it. He talks on all areas eBay related. To take a look visit Edson Buchanan..

Singularity Blog

Singularity Blog

Singularity Weblog is a journal of thoughts on trends, news, issues and people related to the technological singularity. If you would like to view the website, click Singularity Blog.