Warning: This is our only web domain. Domain scammers are impersonating us. Learn More.

Scam Warning! Please Read.

It has been brought to our attention that a website using the domain name pictured below is impersonating this business. They are using a very similar domain, and they have stolen our logo and used our colour scheme.

This is known as the domain impersonation or Lookalike domain scam.

To put it simply, they are scamming people out of money and then telling them that our website is the parent business. We have had complaints from people to let us know they are requesting people spend their own money for a job opportunity.

Word to the wise: any job opportunity that requires you, the potential employee, to spend your own money to participate is most likely going to be a scam.

The reason they impersonate other businesses is because it’s a churn-and-burn scam. They set up and scam people, and when they catch on, they disappear, leaving the victims to contact the company and website they are impersonating.

Please don’t fall for this scam.

We are in no way affiliated with any other domains that use pixelloop in the URL.

It should be noted that we have filed a DMCA Takedown request and filed an abuse report with the domain provider and Cloudflare, the DNS manager.

We hope this issue is resolved soon.

Here is a screenshot of the offending website.

David Alexander

David Alexander is a web designer and digital marketer who specializes in WordPress & SEO and writes for a handful of online publications sharing his experience working in the information technology industry.


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