Choosing the Best Web DomainA domain name uniquely identifies a website and is often referred to as a website’s online home or name.

Typing a domain name (also called a URL) into a browser allows a user to directly access that site.

Domain names are used for both website addresses and for email addresses.

How to Choose the Best Domain Name?

When choosing a domain name there are a number of factors to take into consideration. It is best to aim for a domain name that contains your main keyword or keywords, as Google and other search engines consider this a major ranking factor.

If you are new to the online marketplace but are an established offline business, you may want to go with the name of your company to give it a foothold on the web.

When considering which extension to go with, it is best to choose either .com .org or .net if you are aiming at the global marketplace, with .com being the obvious choice if available containing your main keywords, although .org and .net are just as effective.

Local extensions such as and .us are worth considering if you are targeting one specific country.

In recent years the emergence of the primary level .co domain has been popular as well as the very latest domain extension releases which allow relative domain name extensions to lots of different industries and situations.

Namecheap Domains

The best domain provider I have used over the past 5 years that also offers the most reasonable prices is Namecheap. They aren’t salesy and don’t charge high amounts after getting you to sign up for a cheap first year.

GoDaddy Domains

GoDaddy is one of the best-known domain registrars in the world and isn’t too bad of a service for domains. Just be mindful not to sign up for the other services they upsell.

Personally, these days if you haven’t already got an account with GoDaddy and existing domains and you are starting fresh, I think Namecheap is the best option.


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